Oct. 24th, 2013

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Another one of those best TV couple of all-time things, and hallelujah, Brian and Justin are actually a choice in this one!

Of course, they just had to be put up against another couple that I adore... Veronica & Logan... but nobody could win over B/J in my heart, so it was still an easy pick :)

Vote, ya'll! LoVe will probably be tough to beat, with the Veronica Mars movie in the works and all, but it would be awesome to see B/J move on!

ETA: You have to scroll to the bottom and put in the word to prove you're a human, then scroll back up and vote, or you'll waste a lot of time pressing the "vote" buttons fruitlessly, like I did lol.
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ETA: Thanks, guys! We can stop now :) I've filled out the donation amounts on my envelope and I have no wite-out lol!

Hi! Here to beg one more time, lol ;)

If you saw my previous post about this, you know my best friend [livejournal.com profile] freakykat -- who was diagnosed not long ago with diabetes -- and I are participating in a walk this Saturday (in Raleigh, NC), and raising money for the American Diabetes Association. If anyone can spare $5, please click on this link to donate!

April's fundraising page

I'm not that good at asking for money and fundraising's been going slowly, although it has improved in the last few days, thanks to generous donations from my ex-boyfriend and my chiropractor, lol. Whodathunk?

I would love to get just a tiny bit more! Scroll down past the higher, "meaningful" amounts, and click other and enter your amount. Five dollars is the online minimum and it would be absolutely perfect! :) It's all secure and totally tax-deductible!

Thanks and hugs!


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