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 My birthday was weeks ago, but I wanted to finally mention everyone who wished me a happy one!  And if I forget you (maybe I didn't see), *please* tell me, because if I realize later I forgot you, I will feel like shit! lol.. So, mega thank you's to...

sajazz, reilael, plumduff, metafascinating, spike7451, snowmore, crazyevildru, sandid, critic75, masterglory...
Thank you, 

[personal profile] jans_intentions , for your generosity (I still have many left to add!)... and for extreme creativity, my dear [personal profile] rromantic  (it's still going!!!), [profile] orangeseconds , and [profile] rinmonsterer !!!

Thank you, [personal profile] bbmaniac, my love, for being magic!  I still can't believe you did that! :)

To [profile] stacey_in_ma  for making possible The Randy Experience!  And to [personal profile] freakykat  for being my bestest friend and not too smug that I turned 30 first, lol.

My friends are awesomeness.

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Disclaimer:  Don't know Gale or Randy or any goings on in their actual lives!  So, at least as far as I know, this did not and probably will not happen!  It's just fiction!

Title: The Birthday Call
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS)
Pairing: G/R
Rating: PG-13 for language only
Series/Sequel: nope
Summary: Just a phone call between the boys on Randy's next birthday.  Dialogue-only.  600 words.
Author's Notes: I seem to like writing them on the phone, and I wanted to do a tiny ficlet to mark Randy's birthday.  So, a month early, here you go.  Be warned... I had them talk about us, lol. 

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The actual thing today. I am 29 years old. Eh, lol.

This year just seems like "not 30," which is actually more of a letdown than a relief, lol. Next year, if I could stomach parties, I might party down. This year I went grocery shopping!

Which is a yay because now I have cake and ice cream and donuts and... a big bag of sugar... and who knows what else to munch on while [livejournal.com profile] freakykat and I watch 80's movies or something else delicious with no nutritional value! lol

That is all!
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My wonderful roomie/best friend [livejournal.com profile] freakykat took me to Las Vegas on Saturday (well, I drove most of the way, but she paid! lol) for a week early birthday celebration!

We stayed the night at the Mirage, which is simply gorgeous! Vegas itself I think I truly appreciated for the first time, how pretty it is, as we walked (in really balmy nice weather) to my surprise, which turned out to be seeing The Producers! Starring David Hasselhoff as the delicious director in drag, Roger DeBris! Good lord, I'm really proud of him! He was so hysterical! I hadn't been sure I wanted to see the theater production of The Producers because I'm so in love with the original movie (which has many differences), but I'm really glad Kat got us tickets because it was lots of fun.

And we played a li'l slots in the hotel casino and I made 60 bucks! :)

I looked everywhere for a hot boy in a kilt, [livejournal.com profile] vandonovan, but no such luck. Does Hasselhoff in a fabulous gown and high heels count for anything? lol... Don't worry, I'm putting the $60 towards Scotland.

Must go to bed. Have to get up early and return the rental car, whose name is Biscuit.


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