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Title: Anniversaries
Fandom/Pairing: QAF-US, Brian/Justin, Justin/Daphne friendship
Rating: PG-15? (Sorry.)
Word Count: 6400 (Dang, that got away from me.)
Disclaimer: Not my show, not my characters (mostly).

Summary: Exactly one year after prom, there are two very different anniversaries taking place. Approximately the first half (60%?) is all Justin/Daphne, and the rest is Brian/Justin. PART 3 in this prom AU story. Please read Guilty By Association and Anybody Would Break first. Note the warnings on those! This fic does reference rape.

Author's Note: I don't think anyone needed or wanted a third part to this, particularly, but I thought D&J still had a lot to talk about. I also wanted to take a look at B/J again. They got the bonding and protective Brian from S2, but without Justin feeling like a victim, which kind of fucked him and them up in canon, so here they're already more like they were by S4 :) I think I started writing this third part in 2013. I'd write a paragraph or so and then not look at it for two months lol. Freakishly belabored (as is this note) but I'm chancing that it finally formed something that could be enjoyed.

They were at the loft because Brian had the good booze. )
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Title: Make My Horse a Supermodel (*iz silly bitch*)
Author: wouldbedorothy (AHS)
Fandom: Queer As Folk US
Characters/Pairing: Daphne, Daph/Justin friendship
located at [livejournal.com profile] promptmesomeqaf
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Rating: PG
Word Count: 420
Disclaimer: Not my characters, or my horse.
Summary: 8th grade art class. It's tough being best friends with an art prodigy sometimes. Mostly a Daphne ficlet!

Btw, picture Daphne's horse as much worse than Marc Johns'! ;)

Read... )
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Title: Anybody Would Break
Author: AHS 
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: Rish for themes I guess
Timeline: post-AU122
Summary: Sequel to GBA.  J's pov.  Justin's not dealing very well with what happened to Daphne.  But Brian's not giving up.  4885 words.
Warning: This story contains references to sexual assault. 
Disclaimer:  Not my characters!

I *really* do not know what I think of this one.  Usually, when I write, I just write straight through, even when it comes slowly, and I post pretty much as is.  I never really edit or go back and change anything.  This one, I picked apart so much, I can only hope it vaguely resembles a fic, lol.  *Sigh* I was trying for realism at first, but it was stifling my creativity, so I gave up.  Well, I stopped thinking about it so much.  Thank you to [personal profile] jans_intentions  for writerly spiritual guidance :)

Guilty By Association can be found by scrolling down a little on my LJ.

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Title: Guilty By Association
Author: AHS
Rating: R
Summary: An alternate way prom night could have gone.  Brian pov.  About 3700 words. 
Warning: This story contains references to sexual assault (of a supporting character).  It's angsty and dramatic, but the B/J interaction should still make your heart smile :) 
Disclaimer:  Not my characters!

Regardless of what my bestest friend [personal profile] freakykat says, this is not me "trying" to be angsty, lol... It's just what happens when a long time "what if?" in my head combines with having to wait 15 minutes for a prescription at Rite Aid! 



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