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Title: Roles
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS)
Fandom: Gale Harold/Randy Harrison
Rating: PGish
Series/Sequel: just this
Summary: The *other* roles they play.  200 words.
Author's Notes: It's designed so that it could be either Randy or Gale talking.  Thank you to [personal profile] rromantic  for saying "aawww" (I only changed a few words) and to [personal profile] freakykat  for general support while I've been whining about not writing.
Disclaimer: I don't know Gale or Randy or much of anything, lol.

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Title: 15-18-31
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS)
Rating: PGish
Series/Sequel: just this
Summary: 200 words of Gale pov.
Author's Notes: Had this thought last night and tried to scribble key words as I drove, lol.  Maybe just a teensy bit sad-ish.  [personal profile] rromantic  thanks for preview praise ;)
Disclaimer: I don't know Gale or Randy, so anything I say... including any names... is obviously made up in my rather odd head.

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 I'm leaving NC in a couple of hours, lol, but had to jot this down when I thought of it in the shower (wasn't even my magic shower, maybe it's just the concept of a shower that yields b/j)... um, maybe it's odd, I don't know... Brian 2nd person... pre-101... pre- um, Gus... 200 words... not my charac- blah blah...

Flash )
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Title: Believe
Author: AHS
Pairing: G/R
Rating: PGish (2 F-bombs, lol)
Series/Sequel: nope
Summary: Only 200 little words.  Set, eh, anytime in the first few seasons of QAF.  Gale pov.  It helps an actor to believe his lines.
Author's Notes: I'm pretty sure the N. Cage anecdote is true, swear I heard it on some show.

Believe )

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Not sure what this is exactly or what I think of it.  But I got it to be 200 words (though I kind of cheated and made three words become one, lol), so what the heck, I'll post it here.  Um, I guess it refers to 206, if it needs a timeline.

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Double drabble... whatever it's called, lol...

Title: Gravity
Author: AHS (wouldbedorothy)
Rating: PG13
Timeline: S3, early 308 or so
Summary: 200 words (I'm liking this length) of Justin's pov right between breaking up with Ethan and getting back together with Brian.  Pondering love and words and words of love, blah blah :)
Disclaimer:  Not my characters! 

Gravity )
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Okay this is kind of weird, lol.  I wrote this just now and I'm not sure where to put it besides here.  I meant it to be a 100 word drabble... That wasn't enough, but I still wanted a limit, so I made it 200 words.  Think of the bat if it had been Chris's for years, as opposed to something he got just for purposes of attacking Justin.  Yeah, so... point-of-view of the bat, lol.  (Changes tense in the middle, but I think I like it that way.)



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