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Remember Inviting The Fire? I wrote a little oneshot sequel. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I stalled, so... Doesn't really matter! Christmas is mentioned and then skipped. It's just a glimpse of their life together a couple of years past the epilogue, a few scenes that were in my head. Pretty much no actual story, lol. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] freakykat for reading anyway! Also, Marina, Meg, & RR (whether you did or not lol)!

Title: Tending The Flame
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wouldbedorothy (AHS)
Pairing: Gale Harold/Randy Harrison
Rating: R
Summary: Gale/Randy (from my AU, Inviting The Fire) and the new addition to their life, set in Dec. 2003. 2935 words.
Warning: A hint at committed sex :) A bit schmoopy. And yes, SHE is in here, a bit... but you'll enjoy her, I promise! lol
Disclaimer: I made this up.

Go here to refresh your ITF memory!

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Banner by the amazing [personal profile] furriboots
Link to full-sized: http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u122/lgbg/everything-1.jpg

Disclaimer:  Don't know Gale or Randy or any goings on in their actual lives!  So, at least as far as I know, this did not happen!  It's just fiction!

Title: Everything
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS)
Pairing: G/R
Rating: very brief NC-17ish mention of very committed lovin' ;)
Series/Sequel: 3/3
Summary: Glimpses of a very happy, kind of adorably domesticated life together :)  Gale's pov.  Set basically *now*... The last scene, it's up to you how far in the future it is.
Author's Notes: Sorry that this one is so much shorter than the other two... only 2560 words... but that's how it wanted to be.  And shorter meant writing and posting faster, so I hope that's a yay! lol... Oh, and thanks to [personal profile] freakykat  for inspiring a couple of my favorite lines.  Thanks everyone for reading and encouraging!

The song is "Everything" by Michael Buble.



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