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Fundraiser for freakykat - Happy Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! If you have a few coins remaining after Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday lol, and haven't yet given to the fundraiser, please consider it. Maybe if you were going to give a Christmas present to Kat or Juan (or me), give here instead. If you were going to send a Christmas card, save a tree and donate five bucks ;)

Thank you, btw, to the dear LJ heart who donated last time!

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is what I posted last month:

I made an online fundraiser today on Generosity (part of Indiegogo) for my best friend, Kat, and her father. They have had a particularly tough year in 2015. Several of you may know her from fandom (QAF, ATWT, etc.), by the name freakykat or KayCeeCruz, as she is a wonderful writer. (Yes, she has some eternal WIPs, and I can't promise anything there lol.) But she is also just a wonderful person. She's my best friend of something like fourteen years and also my neighbor. I have been there for everything that's been happening and felt the stress of it with her. Please consider clicking on this link and reading the story, and maybe giving a little something if it's at all possible. Thank you.

Help freakykat

I'm planning on leaving the fundraiser up through the end of December.

Kat on the left, me on the right

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