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Title: The Background Dancers
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS)  
Fandom/Pairing: Brian/Justin (QaF)
Time Frame: 122/post-122
Length: 1150 words (nine 100 word drabbles and one 250 word drabble)
Rating: PG-13 (only language)
Beta: None, but thank you to [personal profile] rromantic  and [personal profile] bbmaniac  for reading and being so kind :)
Summary: How did B/J affect prom night for others?  A collection of drabbles, each from the POV of someone different at Justin's school.
Notes: Written for "Through The Eyes Of..." point-of-view challenge at [profile] neverenough_bj
Disclaimer: The boys are not mine... and neither is the show... *sniffle*... I suppose all my narrators technically are, however :)

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Title: Snack Time
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS)
Fandom/Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: PG-13 at best (?lol)
Summary: Dialogue only, late S1 (Justin not living at loft, but making himself right at home as usual), 325 words of silly.
Beta: none
Disclaimer: Don't own them, or the show... *sigh*
Author's note: Wrtten for "monsieur" challenge at [profile] boys4all.  Thanks to [personal profile] rromantic  and [personal profile] akintay  for taking a peek and smiling :)  

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Title: Hiding In Plain Sight
Author: AHS
Pairing: Gale Harold/Randy Harrison
Rating: PGish
Summary: Immediately after the Larry King "ILY" incident.  1250 words.
Disclaimer: Not based on any reality... except for the part we've all seen the clip of, lol.
Author's note: Written for "disguise" challenge at  [profile] boys4all.  Thanks, RR, for the bunny, and Marina for preview :)

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Title: Focus
Author: [personal profile] wouldbedorothy  (AHS) 
Pairing: Gale Harold/Randy Harrison
Rating: NC-17
Series/Sequel: just this
Summary: 5490 words. Hanging out and helping Gale with a role turns into a lot more.  Set... now-ish, lol.  Written for challenge at [profile] boys4all . Had to use theme "In The Dark," any slash fandom, and include smut :)
Author's Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] rromantic  (and Thumpa) for the challenge and [profile] bndjsfaghag15  for late-night cheerleading. And [personal profile] bbmaniac  I am Hope, so you have to be Faith!
Disclaimer: I don't know Gale or Randy or much of anything, lol. 



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